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Turin city guide – 3 days in the green oasis of Italy

Turin, also called the green oasis, is unfortunately often ignored by many travelers, but the city has so much to offer. Turin surprises on every corner, piazzas, palaces and greenery are in the city on the Po. I spent three days here, what I have discovered and what you definitely should not miss you can read here now. Have fun 🙂

#1: A paradise for gourmets and connoisseurs

What can I say, the Italian cuisine is simply one of the best, pasta al dente, pizza as crisp and fresh as anywhere else, and of course the good coffee, there is no better for me. In the morning a small espresso like the Italians like him at the bar with a small chat and a pastry and in the evening the good pasta or pizza with a delicious wine from the Piedmont region.

If you prefer good wine, then you are in the right place in the capital of the Piedmont region, which is surrounded by 50,000 hectares of vineyards. Here, of course, you also get the world famous Barolo, the wine of kings.

#2: Sightseeing – BigBus Tour

1.Stop Mole Antonelliana

The first thing I do when I’m in a new city is to schedule a BigBus tour. This gives you a very good view of the main attractions and the city itself. I love Sighgtseeing tours and was especially surprised in Turin about the low price. For 2 of 3 lines I have paid just 20EUR, which is a good price compared to other cities.

First, I headed for the Mole Antonelliana, a beautiful structure and landmark of the Italian city of Turin. The building now houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, the most important film museum in Italy. A free-floating, glass elevator takes visitors up to 85 meters. Through a hole in the dome, the view suddenly opens to the panorama. You have a breathtaking view over the city and in clear weather up to the Alps.

I took this picture from the sightseeing bus. It shows the Mole again from a distance with a magnificent view of the snow-covered mountains.

2.Stop Valentino Park

My highlight Turins was definitely the Valentino Park. A green area like you could not wish for more beautiful. A paradise with palm trees, beautifully landscaped flowers, small waterrivers and bridges and plenty of seating. Here you can meet with family or friends for a chat, brunch or just to relax.

And a few funny highlights you can also discover here, like this cute bench where two lanterns have taken place.

Definitely also some time to plan and watch the Valentino Castle, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a must for anyone coming to Turin.

The picture of the beautiful water fountain was created on the way to Valentino Park. He calls himself the Fontana dei Mesi (fountain of the 12 months). The water fountains are so high that you have to be careful not get too wet;) It is worth seeing anyway.

3.Stop The famous book stalls on the Via Po

Here is everything a reader’s heart desires. Small book stands as far as the eye can see are lovingly constructed here. You feel like you’re in a market, but with just books. The Via Po is just a few minutes walk from the Mole Antonelliana.

Here you will also find other shopping options as well as restaurants, cafes and delicious ice cream.

4.Stop Gelato at Alberto Marchetti

And what must not be forgotten in Italy, of course, to eat Italian ice cream;) I went to Alberto Marchetti, one of Turin’s best gelateries. I highly recommend this store, the gelato is very good. I recommend the flavors of pistachio, nocciola and white chocolate caramel as well as (in Italian) “Gelato croccantino affogato allo zabaglione” – soooo delicious 🙂

5.Stop via monte di pieta

Nearby is also the via monte di pieta. A beautiful passage with historic arches and paintings. Some of the passages are completely covered by the meter, this should protect the kings from the rain in those days. Here you can find also the old traditional trams.

A small tip, the oldest tram is the line 7. This one just went to a few stations, but worth seeing. Unfortunately, I could not take a picture of it, but still got one of the many other trams.

6.Stop University of Turin

On the Via Giuseppe Verdi is the University of Turin. This stop was not scheduled and I discovered this beautiful courtyard access only by accident. I had to take a photo of the great architecture with me.

7.Stop Chiesa Santa Rita da Cascia

A short stopover at the Chiesa Santa Rita da Cascia was the end of my tour through Turin. It was really breathtaking and much nicer than I imagined.

Turin is definitely worth the trip. 3 days I personally found a bit too short and I would have liked to have more time to discover even more of Turin. But I am sure that I will come back to Turin another time in future. I hope you like my blog post about Turin and you will visit this wonderful city soon. You will not regret it.

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